MR. MORIBUND, your host with the most since he gave up the ghost, is a graduate of the Dwight Frye High class of 1931, and a dropout of Humpherey Hunchback's School for Horror Hosts By Mail. He enjoys coffee, 80s hardcore punk, and long walks in the fog by the swamp. CADAVERA THE CLOWN, our beloved mascot, was discovered in our studio's basement afer being trapped there for over a decade when her children's show was cancelled. She really hasn't been the same since.
CARL is our exterminator. Or plumber. Or mailman. Or maybe all of them, and more. All we know is that whenever something needs to be done, he shows up to do it. DAFFODIL is a monster created from spare parts that Moribund had laying around the laboratory. He's a faithful servant and a kind soul.
LADY LACRIMOSE is Moribund's high school nemesis and rival horror host, whose show was cancelled after a terrible flame war with the writers. With actual flame. She now has designs on Moribund's show, but she'll settle for putting him six feet under. MRS. MARSHWATER is our conniving landlady. When she's not trying to evict us, she's usually trying to find some way to weasel herself into the show.
RUPRECHT is our vampiric next-door neighbor, and is usually interrupting the show to borrow something, be a general nuisance, or complain when Moribund is playing his guitar too loudly. SCORPIA a.k.a. SPECIMEN 7718, is a human/scorpion hybrid that escaped from a secret government experimental facility and decided to go into voiceover work. She's also quite adept at playing the bass guitar.
THE STAGE MANGLER is wanted in 13 states for crimes against theatre. His short temper, violent outbursts, and contempt for all living things make him a perfect stage manager for our performances. ZOMBELLINA is Moribund's runaway niece who ecaped her parents' plans to have her join the legions of the undead, so that she could pursue her true dream: a career in dance. She's hoping that she can get her big break with the exposure she'll get on her uncle's show... the poor, foolish kid.

HAYLEY THE SHREW made a brief appearance in our "Killer Shrews" episode, but disappeared shortly after. We're hoping Carl didn't exterminate her, but if so, he was really just doing his job. Give him a break. Jeeze. SCARY JERRY is MORIBAND'S drummer. He's an okay guy, we guess. A really good drummer, but he sort of keeps to himself and doesn't say too much. That's probably a red flag or something. Maybe just don't look him in the eye or make any sudden moves around him, just to be safe, okay?

Photo credit for all photographs: Monica Boyles Photography